AL FAIZAN was created by two brothers. After reverting to Islam one of these brothers soon began to explore the idea of designing and hand crafting his own thobes in response to the lack of anything else other than the standard generic, low cost low quality and annoyingly inconsistent fitting pieces available in the Islamic menswear market. After countless informal facetiming, football games together, general chit chats here and there and some hand crafted sellotaped “samples” we soon began to fall in love with the idea of creating something more.

We wanted to create a brand. A brand that would serve the Ummah and help create love for the thobe. A brand that would promise to always keep things simple and minimalistic with modern twists that weren’t bordering on the extremes of eccentricity. A brand that would offer superior quality to anything else on the market and the perfect fit. …and thus the AL FAIZAN brand was born.

What we Do

AL FAIZAN creates thobes fit for modern day purpose. Using premium suiting materials and an unrivalled fit, we can say with certainty our thobes are amongst the highest quality of thobes available today.

Why we do it

After reverting to Islam, brother Tom – Co-founder of AL FAIZAN – began to notice a worrying trend. He would spend hours shopping for suitable clothing and time after time would walk in to huge stores and establishments filled to the brim with beautifully decorated garments and accessories…(and the price tag to match). The trouble was they were all for women.

…and when he did ask for menswear he was pointed rather disappointingly to a small corner off in the distance with no more than a few pieces in comparison. We’ve all been there. Either shopping with our spouses, our family or just shopping in general.

AL FAIZAN decided to stop this trend and start valuing and respecting our customers by offering high quality garments for the male market.

Oh and every design we make is personally checked and tested by brother Tom before it hits the production line, to ensure nobody has to go through what he went through during his early days of throbe shopping.

Where we do it

AL FAIZAN currently operates from our main distribution centre in the UK. We will soon be opening more distribution centres in the USA and ASIA InshaAllah. Stay tuned for more information on this.


AL FAIZAN currently retails online and in selected stores in the UK and Europe. We are constantly expanding our retail base and will soon be opening distribution centres in USA and ASIA InshaAllah.

We aim to offer the best possible level of service to both our personal and business customers.

If you are a business wishing to stock our products please contact us at retailers@al-faizan.com

JazakAllah Khayr



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